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Help players and kids with their questions about cannabis

Coaches are among the most important figures that guide an athlete’s development. They are the common denominator in athletes’ lives. They are there from a young age, from the very first competitive pursuit, to the highest levels of achievement.
Speaking generally, athletes need help to avoid the pitfalls of making unhealthy choices, which includes the use of cannabis. Saying no requires a concerted effort by those around athletes, especially those who guide their development.
This close perspective gives coaches a vital conduit into athletes’ lives and provides an opportunity for them to be positive influences on athletes to help them make healthy choices.

Coaches’ roles in the pursuit of staying FocusedOn

A coach’s main role is to develop athletes. In performing their duties, they have tremendous influence over those under their watch. They become teachers, counsellors and role models in the execution of their duties. In teaching, coaches instill values; in counselling, they become confidants; in being a role model, they send the message that their own behaviour is worth imitating.
Whether leading athletes in house league or elite-level competition, coaches are prominent figures and make their positive influence felt in several ways.
  • Promoting sportsmanship
  • Keeping an open dialogue about cannabis
  • Detailing risks associated with cannabis and what is being put at risk
  • Creating a positive and open atmosphere —facilitating conversations with their athletes

Advice for coaches